TransCare Participation in Athens Pride 2023

On the 10th of June 2023, the Transcare consortium made an active and enthusiastic presence felt at the Athens Pride Festival 2023, themed “Once upon a time.” Their purpose was to demonstrate strong support for a wide range of crucial issues, including the promotion of rights, fostering inclusion, and advocating for equality within society.


During the festival, at the “Transcare” stand, the general public was given comprehensive information about the Transcare program. Attendees learned about its overarching goals, the significant milestones and conclusions that have been reached as the project steadily progresses towards its culmination.


Moreover, festival-goers were provided with valuable insights into upcoming live events that would further engage the community. Additionally, the Transcare team seized the opportunity to acquaint individuals with the program’s educational platform, MOOC, and how it can be accessed and utilized for personal and professional development.


Notably, the presence of the Transcare project at the Pride festival, once again this year, had profound significance. It served as a platform to introduce a broader audience to the core mission and values of the program, fostering awareness and understanding. Furthermore, it was a momentous occasion for transgender individuals and members of the LGBTI+ community at large, affording them a sense of visibility and validation. Here, they saw their unique needs acknowledged and addressed, with ongoing discussions and tangible steps taken toward meeting them.

Lastly, the Transcare team extends their heartfelt appreciation to all those who visited their booth and engaged in meaningful conversations. They eagerly anticipate future opportunities to come together and celebrate love, equality, and the rich tapestry of diversity that enriches our society.