Transcare | 3rd consortium meeting

On Friday, October 22, 2021, the third meeting of the Transcare consortium took place online, which also marked the official start of our work for the new academic year.

At our last meeting we discussed, among other things, the procedures of coordination, quality assurance and impact assessment of the project, as well as the report for the completion of the project’s mid-term report. Moreover, Orlando LGBT+ presented the progress of the second work package; situation analysis of the access of trans people to healthcare services in Greece. Specifically they presented to the consortium the results of the survey assessing the educational needs of medical staff and students of healthcare higher education institutions. In addition, there was a report on the focus groups with the participation of health professionals and trans people, that accompanied the research.

Regarding the rest of the project’s deliverables, we discussed about:

• the progress of the online educational platform (MOOC), which will host the educational material, as defined by the third work package and
• the further utilization of the bibliographic review that has been completed within the framework of work package one

The meeting ended with the discussion on the planning of the next public events of the consortium, which will be held at the beginning of the new year and will aim at informing the public about the progress of the project and discussing healthcare policies with state and health stakeholders.

The consortium meeting was once again an opportunity for the partners to exchange views and discuss the progress of the project. A chance to talk about the problems and delays we face and to ask for the help of the rest of the consortium in order to solve them. The meeting closed with the wish that our meeting will take place at last face to face, if only of course the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic allow us to.