Deliverable D1.8

Evaluation and Impact assessment methodology (Confidential)

Deliverable D1.7

1st Quality assurance report (Confidential)

Deliverable 1.6

Quality assurance plan (Confidential)

Deliverable 1.5

Kick-off meeting

Deliverable 1.2

Final report (Confidential)

Deliverable D1.2

Interim report (Confidential)

Deliverable D1.4

Partners’ internal platform (Confidential)

Deliverable 1.3

Operational workplan (Confidential)

Deliverable 1.1

Partnership agreement

Deliverable 3.3

Trainee’s manual

Deliverable 2.4

Good Practice Guide on fighting discrimination on sexual orientation in health care systems

Deliverable 2.2

Online survey

Deliverable 1.9

Final Evaluation and Impact assessment report

Deliverable 1.9

1st Evaluation and Impact assessment report